1. How Do I Create An Account With Zet Ads?

You can create an account here at http://zetads.com/register. Once you have done that, you can log in to the platform to start creating campaigns, advertisements and deposit funds.

2. What Is A Dashboard?

Your dashboard is your initial page once you logged on. Your Dashboard gives you a an audit of all your activity: Balance; Today’s Spend, Yesterday’s Spend, Total Spend, Total Payments, Last Payment, Impressions for the day. In addition it also includes an interface for Self Served, features of Dashboard: 24/7 Support Team/start/stop/optimize/tracking

3. How Do I Create A Campaign?

Log in into your account, go to «Campaigns» and click on «Create new campaign». Fill the blanks like Campaign name, Type, Rate, Landing page, Geo, etc. At the end click on «Create» and wait till your campaign will pass policy centre and will be approved to run. After that you will start getting traffic.

4. What Is A Daily Impression Cap?

This feature is used only if you want to set impressions cap for the entire campaign. When the campaign reaches the impression cap, the campaign will pause automatically until the day time resets at 0000UTC.

5. What Targeting Options Do You Allow?

Operating System, Browsers and Languages,, Desktop or Mobile, Country, Carrier, Time Targeting, Day Targeting.

6. What Channel Category Do You Have?

Run-of-Network - Cannot accept any nudity, sexually suggestive, 18+

Cannot accept aggressive landing pages such as, “Virus found in device”

content/creative, download (flash/java update) ads.

adult - Adult websites, accepts both adult and mainstream ads.

7. What Countries Do You Have Traffic In?

Traffic in over 178 countries.

8. What Are Your Macros?

Please see below list of our macros, you will also see all these macros listed in the tracking page.

  • [postback_id] - visitorID for tracking conversions
  • [zone_id] - zoneID for tracking zones

9. What Ad Units Are Available?

Popunders/Clickunders, banners/interstitials.

10. What Is Frequency Capping?

This feature is to cap the amount of times the user will see your advert within a time frame. Default Frequency Capping is 1/24 which means a user will only see your advert once per 24 hours

11. What Is Zone ID And How Do I Use It?

ZONEIDs is what allows you to optimize your campaigns, each ZONEID represents a website where your advert is show/placement on the websites. You can pull reports on our platform to see which ZONEIDs need to be removed (blacklist) as well as targeting separately on certain ZONEID (whitelist). This allows you to make of revenue.

12. How Can I Track Conversions?

You can use S2S/postback URL (server-to-server pixel) to track conversions.

13. Do You Have Instructions To Implement The Pixel?

Yes, see section «Tracking» in your dashboard to get all you need for setup.

14. What Payment Methods do you Accept?

We accept PayPal, Wire transfer, WebMoney.

15. What Is The Minimum Deposit?

  • $1000 USD for Wire method
  • $1000 USD for PayPal
  • $100 USD for WebMoney

16. Do You Have A Refund Policy?

Yes we do, all you need to do is to submit a request to the Support Team, refund is issued within 48 hours, Prior all the information is provided for the refund.

17. How long does it take for a Payment to arrive?

When you make a payment by WebMoney or PayPal - it’s processed instantly. Wire Payments take up to 3 days, all depends on the intermediary banks.

18. What is the approval time for Campaign?

Campaigns are approved or rejected within 3-4 hours. If all the guidelines were followed, approval time becomes faster. VIP clients, are those which spent over 5k$/daily receive auto approval status; which means, they start automatically.

Reason For Campaign Rejection

  • Breaching our terms and conditions
  • Ad does not load properly, suspended domain, 404 error
  • Ad is targeting wrong category, viruses, adult, violence..
  • Targeting is not selected
  • Insufficient balance

19. How Do I Edit/Update Account Information (Change Password)?

You can do that through your dashboard, go to http://zetads.com/profile and change info.

20. How Do I Check My Payment History?

In your dashboard there is a tab called “Payments”, click here and you will see your history of payments along with ability to top up the balance.

21. How Do I Pull Invoices Off Of The Platform?

In your dashboard there is a tab called “Payments”, click here and you will be able to pull invoices from here.

22. What Is Your Minimum CPM Bid?

The minimum bid for SSP is 0.50$ CPM. In managed account you’ll be able to set a lower bid, but it depends on format and traffic availability for that bid.

23. How Does The Bidding Work?

We are a traffic platform that works on a bidding model. You are competing against other buyers. Therefore, the rates is all determined based by other advertisers. If they are bidding high, you need to compete with the buyers to get the traffic you want.

24. Why Your Traffic Is Not Converting?

Our traffic is bought directly from website, we are the middle people. We have anti-cheats systems that thoroughly check our traffic sources to make sure there is no fraud.

Below are common reasons why you are not seeing conversions
  • Your advert page has errors
  • Increase bid rate, as other buyers might be running similar advert and receiving the first impression. When a user sees an advert first it’s normally the one that converts.
  • Using reports to make analysis and the right optimizations for success.

25. What Are Your Payment Terms?

We work only on PrePaid basis. Only exception are made for VIP clients, whom build up loyalty with us, by spending lots of money, therefore, a “credit limit” can be applied and build up during the course of partnership.

26. What Is A Credit Limit?

Credit Limit is the amount that a client can receive, for a certain amount. For example, Advertiser can receive a credit limit of -10k which means they can work into the credit limit. This is used to help advertisers with cash flow.

27. How Are Impressions Counted?

Every time an ad loads our code loads with the ad. Impression is only counted when the ad is fully loaded and the user could see it

28. What Kind Of Traffic Does ZetAds Serve?

Our traffic is mainly mainstream; entertainment, sports, news, social, games, streaming and etc.

29. How Do I Increase My Revenue?

Getting the best traffic always helps, making sure your advertisement is shown first to the user is vitally important. Always keep ahead of the competition and be unique in your content.

30. What Is A Remnant Rate?

Remnant Traffic is in minimum bid, meaning that you will receive unsold traffic in other words left over traffic. The Rate can be 0.50$ CPM, only traffic at this price will come.

31. How Come My Stats Differ From Zet Ads Platform Stats?

Every platform tracks differently, 10% discrepancy, we try always to keep it below this margin.

32. What Time Zone Is Our Platform Tracking In?

Our platform tracks in UTC.

33. Where Can I View My Stats?

In your login to our platform, you can use our reporting system which allows you to pull the reports.

34. How Do I Update My Payment Method?

Please submit a ticket to the support team with a request to edit.

35. How to Use WebMoney?

In your dashboard click on «Payments» section, click «Add new order» and choose WebMoney as your payment method.

36. How to get VIP status of the account?

You have to spend more than $10.000 with ZetAds platfrom to get VIP status. This status will be indicated in your dashboard. It means that your campaigns will be approved faster, you'll be able to change links and you'll get your personal account manager that will guide you in marketing world.